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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Hold

I suppose I should have updated this a week or so ago. Like I mentioned before, IM had to seek clearance from a primary physician because of elevated blood sugar before the RE will begin cycling with us. She had her initial appt a month or so ago, then a follow up to review the results. The PP perscribed a couple perscriptions and now IM has another follow up visit with the PP tomorrow (7/31). We are hopeful that there will be good news and "A" will get the clearance we need but the Dr. did allude to possibly wanting to monitor her for a bit. I'll keep ya posted!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Face to Face

Well we got to meet with the RE yesterday...can't say that things are gonna move along any faster now though. He didn't make things any more clear for us so we still feel a bit helpless when dealing with the clinic and the pace in which things are moving. Of course as I've mentioned before our big hitch right now is IM's most recent test results so we are awaiting more news. We did get some great news though that her FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels looked good this time around, these are very important in regards to the ER (egg retreival) so we were excited to hear that.

IM and I both had our injections training, at least that was a proactive step in making this all happen. My meds should be rather simple, just a few oral ones (estrogen, antibiotics) and Lupron will be the only injectable. No dreaded PIO for me...we will be doing suppositories. My bum is gonna be thankful for that. IM however has several injectables, I believe four, so the heating pad will become her friend for sure.

The highlight of the visit to Chicago of course was that "A" and I were able to enjoy a very nice lunch together. It was so nice to sit down and talk face to face has been so long. Keeping fingers crossed that we will be seeing one another more and more frequently over the coming month or so.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Steps

Well we've been running into one speed bump after another the last couple weeks. AF visited me this past Monday but due to my CBC results coming in as having low hemoglobin we didn't proceed with the baseline. My OB/GYN put me on an additional iron supplement to take daily so hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly.

Besides that IM had to follow up with her primary physician because of some concerns with boarderline high blood sugar. She underwent some more blood test to further investigate and rule out anything that will interfere with cycling. Those results won't be in until Wednesday (7/16) when she follows up with the doctor again. We are hoping for good news so keep your fingers crossed for us.

In the meantime, IPs have a visit to the clinic schedule for this Tuesday (7/15) to sign consents, go through injections training and to meet with the RE. We thought it might be beneficial for me to attend too so I'll be meeting them that day in Chicago. I'll also finish up my consents and do the injection/med training as well and we'll have the opportunity to all sit down with the RE and map out what is to happen next. Seems like every time we finish with a step that we think has brought us to the point of cycling they throw something else at us we need to do. We've had some frustration with the clinic only giving us as much info as needed for the phase we are at so it is hard to know what it to come. Hopefully after Tuesday we'll all have a good idea of where we stand and what is left to check off the list before we get this show on the road.

I'm very excited about seeing A&T again...seems like it has been forever. We correspond by email every week or two...depending on what is going on at the time sometimes it is daily...but it has been months since we've seen one another. The last time was December!!! It will be nice to reconnect in person.

Well...hopefully there will be more news to share soon. "A" mentioned in a recent email that we will continue to take "baby steps" so I've adopted that as my new motto. It helps keep me focused on what the goal is here and not get discouraged or frustrated by the set backs. We are on our steps!!!!