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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Beginnings - The Start of GSx3

This blog entry has been a difficult one for me to piece together.  I'm excited to share what's ahead but a lot has transpired in the last couple of months and I don't want to be so incredibly wordy that no one gets to the end of this post.

I'll start with a quick summary of the last year .  A few times throughout my journey with K&S they expressed how happy they were to be expecting twins so that they would not have to go through the very emotional experience of IVF and surrogacy again.  They would have a beautiful family of four and two little boys who had one another as lifelong friends.  However, not long after Ryan and Mason were born, they brought up the topic of a sibling and for the last year we've all entertained the possibility of another journey.

Now lets go even further back ... when I was 30 weeks along with the boys a hopeful Intended Mother reached out to me looking for guidance through the process of surrogacy and curious to know if I had plans to carry again.  Of course at the time, VERY pregnant with twins, I was uncertain what the future held but knew that if I were able I would complete another journey.  In short, I couldn't really answer her question but I was more than willing to help her and her husband navigate the often overwhelming world of surrogacy.  We kept in touch, months went by ... they contacted the agency (FSC) I had used both of my previous journeys hoping to find a local match.  While waiting, she went through a couple of ER cycles hoping to have embryos ready to go when they did find their Angel.  This past fall they successfully created "maybe babies" that were frozen in hopes to transfer them to a GS in the future.

As the year has flown by the idea of a journey in the upcoming year has become questionable for K&S, their dose of double trouble is keeping them very busy!  On my end, the more time that passed the more anxious and ready I've become.  My original thought was that I wanted to start next fall, then I thought summer, then spring ... then I realized, I was ready now!  Surrogacy is such a huge part of who I am and I was becoming restless with the idea of waiting, but also didn't want to pressure them or give a deadline.

As the other couples journey began to unfold we continued to stay in touch and I felt more and more connected to this IM.  I wanted to do more than just help them navigate surrogacy - I wanted to be their surrogate, but still felt committed to K&S.  I reached out to K again wanting her thoughts and decided, that if in time they wanted to add to their family I'd be happy to carry again for them, but that I would regret not exploring the possibility of working with the wonderful IM I had been in touch with and had developed a relationship with over the last year.  That was late October.

After making my decision things moved quickly.  I excitedly told them I would be their surrogate!!!  They were excited as well but cautious because we had one major hurdle to overcome, my grand multipapa status and getting the RE's approval.  My pregnancy/delivery records were reviewed and without issue, I was given the go ahead to schedule a med/psych evaluation. Everything still hinged on the saline u/s and the condition of my uterus, especially since my last delivery had been by c/s.  Yesterday I got the thumbs up and was told everything looked "beautiful".  I even left with a cycle calendar, med schedule and transfer date - very exciting!  We've already retained attorneys so the next step is to get contracts finished so that I can start meds mid January for our February 20th FET.   That's less than 8 weeks away!

So with that news ...

We are all very eager and I can't wait to tell you more about this wonderful couple, share the story of how they came to surrogacy, and the journey that will hopefully bring a miracle to this very special family.

Baby Steps,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lights Galore

This past weekend we headed into the city to visit my first surrofam, A&T and Giovanni.  We were welcomed by a little voice behind an open door, "Hello, come into my house".  Mr. G had fun showing the girls his toys while A&T, Jason and I warmed up with some festive cocktails and catching up.

We later set out for the Lincoln Park Zoo where they do an event each year, lighting up the zoo with thousands of Christmas lights.  The displays were quite impressive.  The weather was not as frigid as it had been in recent days but cold nonetheless.  The kids surprisingly lasted a full two hours as we walked around looking at the sights and admiring the Chicago skyline.

We then headed back to A&T's home to thaw out and have dinner. T made us a fabulous meal.  We enjoyed each course with a bottle of wine to compliment the region of Italy the dish originated from.  We wrapped up with dessert around 1 o'clock in the morning and then retired for the night quite content from all the food and drink.

In the morning we woke ourselves up with some coffee, gathered up the girls and said our goodbyes.  It's always so nice to see them and can see this outing becoming a yearly tradition.

There are more photos in the RECENT album. :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I've cooked a few "turkeys" in my day and they each have a special place in my heart.  I am thankful for my four beautiful daughters, I'm so fortunate to have been a surrogate to three handsome surrogys and consider my ability to help the families I have through surrogacy such a blessing.  Much love to each of them.

Speaking of blessings, I'm hoping to help a wonderful new set of Intended Parents I have been talking with expand their family in 2014 as I embark on GSx3!!  More details to come soon!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all !!

A couple of weeks ago we meet up with K&S and the boys (GSx2) for a day filled of fun at the Pumpkin Patch.  We thought we were going to be rained out but actually we just missed the dreary weather and the sun came out for our get together.  There were animals galore of all varieties, Ryan and Mason loved watching them - especially the giraffe!  They cruised around in the stroller while my girls ran about exploring all the neat sites and activities.  We are definitely going to make this a yearly get together and I can't wait to watch the boys join in on the fun as they get older.

The boys are getting so big and have been on the move for some time now.  They cruise around things without any trouble and have been taking unassisted steps as well.  They are both lil chatterboxes talking lots of jibberish but no real words as of yet.  They are hitting all their milestones and doing great!  K says she's been getting them out more and awhile back enrolled them in a play gym where they get to socialize with other little ones.  They keep everyone busy and on their toes.

Double Trouble - Mason (L) Ryan (R)
The family recently said goodbye to their Au Pair Jackie who has been with them since just before the boys arrival.  She was a great help to K&S as they adjusted to parenthood and took such good care of the boys.  Their new caregiver joined this bustling household a couple of weeks ago and it sounds like the transition is going well.

I just love spending time with these guys and I'm looking forward to possibly seeing them again over the holiday season and also hoping to connect with A&T and Giovanni (GSx1) soon too.

Be sure to check out the pictures.  You can find photos of our afternoon together under the RECENT album. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Surrotwins !!!

36w2d - eve of their arrival
September 17th last year started out like most any ordinary day, well as ordinary as being 36 weeks pregnant with twins as a surrogate can be that is.  I knew the days of carrying K&S's babies were numbered but had no idea what the next 24 hours had in store.

Around 2 PM I got the first inkling that I might be in for a long night but wasn't ready to admit I was experiencing the very beginnings of labor.  I'd said it before when very pregnant with Giovanni (GSx1) that although I thought I of all people should know what labor would feel like, seeing as I'd been through it several times before, those last weeks bring so many aches, pains and twinges that it starts to become difficult to differentiate between what is normal and what could be labor.  Finally at 10 PM I let K&S know they should be on high alert, I was going to go in for monitoring and see what became of it.  Jason and I drove off to hospital and chit chatted about this and that and at some point realized, this very familiar trip had just become the norm for us. We arrived at the hospital and headed to our destination very relaxed and calm, nothing like our first experience doing this together more than 12 years ago.  I know however that back at K&S's Chicago home the atmosphere was very different.  Oh how I wish I could have seen their reaction when I called them right around Midnight and said it was time to get the car and drive - they were likely going to meet their boys very soon!!

The next few hours after that went by so very fast and early the morning of September 18th, 2012 Ryan Brady made is entrance into the world at 5:38 AM weighing 5lbs 6oz and Mason Andrew just minutes later at 5:41 AM weighing 5lbs 12oz. They were perfect in every way.  Living those moments as I watched K&S lay eyes on their sons for the first time were surreal.  If you'd like to read the birth story in it's entirety you can find it here, WELCOME BABIES!!!

I've been so very lucky over this past year to have been able to watch these two lil guys grow.  Since their birth we've been to one another's homes multiple times, we've vacationed with them in Mexico and we just recently visited them in Minnesota where we celebrated their baptism and birthday surrounded by friends and family. You ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you how very thankful I am that K&S continue to share these two lil munchkins with me and how very proud and blessed I feel.

- Love, Miss Tiffany -

Mason  (L) & Ryan (R)
I've added lots of photos to the album.  Contact me for the password.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Making The Dream Your Own

I was recently asked by the agency I've worked with for both of my journeys, Family Source Consultants, to be the very first "Featured Surrogate" in their newsletter.  I was asked to write a summary of my journeys and an article of sorts to share with other women going through the process.  I was honored and excited to have the opportunity.  I decided to write about nurturing the surrogate/intended parent relationship in hopes to give some insight into the emotional connection a surro has with the couple she intends to help.  This aspect of the journey isn't always something that just falls into place, it takes effort from both sides to have a successful journey and I think I've been blessed to have what I would imagine to be the ideal relationship with both of the wonderful couples I've carried for.

Making the Dream Your Own - 
Nurturing the Surrogate/Intended Parent Relationship

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Checking In With An Update

It's been a good week in my lil surro-world.  A&T and Giovanni came out for a visit this past weekend and we had a great time catching up and enjoying one anothers company.  I took a walk around our yard with Mr. G and we had a fun picking berries, checking on the garden and grabbing a few apples off the trees.  He then ran off to play with the girls and they had a fun time playing in our backyard or the "park" as Giovanni called it. Such a city kid. LOL

The twins 1st birthday is just around the corner!  They were 11 months old this past Sunday and party plans have been made and invitations sent out.  Wow that went fast!  I'm looking forward to joining K&S and many of their friends and family in Minnesota at Ryan and Mason's grandma and grandpa's house over Labor Day weekend to celebrate. The boys are also being baptized earlier that morning so it will be a full day.  Can't wait

I'm also hoping to see a few Minnesota area surro-friends while in town and looking forward to that - it's been too long.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Itch & Looking Ahead

I have two  friends in the TWW right now, trying to conceive for themselves with the help of IVF and I'm so anxious for them!!!  I also have a couple of good surro friends in the matching and cycling phases of repeat surrogacy journeys.  I have to be honest and say, I've got the itch!!!  Talking about the process with them gets me excited about possibly either helping K&S complete their family or helping another couple have a child through the miracle of surrogacy.

As some of you know K&S asked last December, when the boys were only 8 weeks old, if I might carry for them again. I answered without hesitation and told them I absolutely would love to help them with a sibling journey.  We hadn't discussed a timeline so I chatted with K again the other day, 8 months after our initial conversation, and my impression is that she may feel she was overly ambitious to think they'd be ready for another baby anytime soon. LOL  We didn't come to any absolute decisions but, the game plan is to touch base about this again in March and see where they are at with the idea of adding to their family.  At the earliest we'd be looking to move forward end of Summer 2014.  If come early next year they aren't sure of a plan, I may look to help another couple but for now I am completely content to give K&S some time to decide what they want for their family's future.

My sweet surroguys are now 10 months old and on the move, crawling and "walking" with help.  K said they are always off in separate directions which keeps Mom, Dad and Nanny very busy.  The boys have been getting their share of bumps and bruises from pulling themselves up and falling down - it's hard to watch over TWO babies at all times but, according to a short article I recently read, 7 Surprising Perks of Raising Twins, it's a good thing.  Twin parents don't get to be "helicopter parents" so their children are more likely to be independent and stand on their own two feet (pun intended).

We have a visit with K&S and the boys coming up in a few weeks, can't wait to spend some time with them all again.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goofy Lil Guys

The boys are getting so big and really expressing themselves these days.  I just love that K shares pics and videos with friends and family on a regular basis, I adore watching the boys and peeking in on their family moments.

Ryan and Mason are now 9 ... almost 10 months old!!  I can.not.believe that their 1st birthday is coming up so quickly.  They both have a couple of teeth, are on the move learning how to crawl and keeping their parents busy this summer for sure.

I knew having two babies would change the simplistically modern decor of
K&S's home but, this isn't quite what I had in mind. LOL
Ryan up to no good!
Silly boys

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blogging for Surrogacy

As part of the Surrogacy Together - Blogging For Surrogacy campaign I'd like to introduce you to a few new surrogacy blogs I've recently started following.   Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for sharing your stories!

Newer to me blogs ....
  • Unexpected Grace  This is our kinda normal.  The norm of love and life in a petri dish. Our family's story of faith, love and determination thru 9 IUI's, 8 IVF, and 8 miscarriages ... not to mention dealing with all of that in the mist of 7 overseas deployments.  Gearing up for the exciting new journey of IVF #9 and the selfless heart of a gestational surrogate and her family.  Where there is a will, there is a way ... and unexpected miracles.   
  • New York Stork Exchange  Documenting a first journey through surrogacy.  Kristen - a 26 year old mother of two and wife to a solider is carrying for a same sex couple in New York, NY.  
  • It.Started.With.A.Bump  The bumpy road of a surrogate, military wife and mother of one.  Kristen was a surrogate for a family member and they all welcomed sweet Liam early April 2013.  
You can find links to these and several other wonderful surrogacy related blogs in the right margin under "Blogs of Interest".   Enjoy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Surrogacy Together

Awhile back I made a post about Sharing Surrogacy and how I have a passion for educating and helping potential gestational surrogates and intended parents navigate the process.  A campaign was started somewhat recently bringing attention to just that very cause and I wanted to share some information.

Surrogacy Together; Mission Statement; Surrogacy Together is non-profit organization based in San Diego, CA. Our Mission is to share inspiring stories about the Surrogacy community with the world.  We will educate and advocate for Surrogacy by sharing our uplifting, compelling, and empowering personal stories.  We will share stories about our successful Surrogacy journeys and our happiest moments.  We will create a visual story through our Photo Campaign sharing "What Surrogacy Means to Me" with the world.  We will host events to educate future Intended Parents and Surrogates about the process and how to get started.  We will provide financial grants to individuals and couples that otherwise would not be able to move forward with Surrogacy.  We will host annual Celebrations to share our joy with everyone that has helped us Co-Create our "Family through teamwork".

I've revised a previous post from my blog to share on their site. It gives a glimpse of my surrogacy journeys and described what it means to me to be a surrogate. (A Journey of Love & Passion Towards Parenthood)  I couldn't imagine having a more worthwhile passion.  I am so very proud of the 3 beautiful lives and 2 special families I've helped create through the surrogacy process and I'm forever grateful to have had this life changing opportunity.

Please visit their website for more information.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bringing Everyone Together

It's been a week ago already but, wanted to share that I was able to have a wonderful visit with both of my surrofams recently at our house.  I'm so very lucky that they are close and we can do this from time to time.

K&S arrived with the boys late afternoon and we were able to visit together and play with babies for a little while.  This was the first time my girls had seen Ryan and Mason since they were about 8 weeks old.  They enjoyed  the lil chubby guys and got a lot of smiles out of them.  A&T got to our house a little later and Giovanni immediately ran off with the girls.

We all enjoyed dinner together over some wine.  There were some laughs over me accidentally adding Russian whiskey to my rhubarb vinaigrette reduction vs. balsamic white vinegar (the bottles were nearly identical!!) and the fact that we have a shortage of steak knives in our house and T resorted to using an 8" chefs knife to cut his steak. LOL  The meal was great and we all enjoyed each others company and as always had plenty to talk about.  Good times.

After some delicious dessert from a bakery in the city, K&S packed up the their sleeping boys and headed home.  A&T lingered well into the evening and we finished off another couple more bottles of wine.  The day came together perfectly.  A little time with each family individually and some time all together as well.

I didn't snap any pics, we were just so busy talking and eating that I never even got out the camera.  I had hoped I'd get a picture or two of all the kids together, our four plus the three surroguys but, maybe next time - as I'm sure there will be a next time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

255 Days and Counting ...

As of this week, Ryan and Mason will have been in K&S's arms the same number of days they grew under my heart.  It was an amazing 255 days that I will never forget.  Thank you K&S for trusting your lil guys to me for those 36 weeks.

The last 8 months are only the beginning for this family and I can't wait to watch them as they continue to love, laugh and live together.

Love you all,

September 2012 - 255 days then ...
May 2013 - 255 days now.
(Ryan - L, Mason - R)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrate !!

Yesterday we spent a lovely day visiting my first surrofam celebrating the birthday of sweet boy who is now 3!!!  I can't believe it.  The squishy "little" baby I helped welcome into the arms of his mom and dad is no longer a baby, not even a toddler - he's a preschooler!

It is always such a pleasure to be surrounded by A&T, their friends and family.  We had a great time visiting with everyone and enjoy the French cuisine T had prepared to compliment the "Paris" theme of the party - which was the destination of Mr. G's latest adventures.

He's a busy guy and had a blast playing with our girls.  They all get along so well and I just adore watching them play and laugh together.  He was spoiled of course by plenty of gifts and had a fun opening them all - well all but the clothes that is.  Our gift had a construction zone theme and he seemed to enjoy the wooden cars, puzzle, and book we gave him. 

In our usual fashion we stayed late into the evening hours and had a wonderful time with all.

Visiting with the Munchkins in Mexico!!!

Last week this time I was sipping my coffee overlooking the Pacific Ocean from a beautiful villa in Mexico while listening to my lil surrotwins coo and squeal at each other.  It was surreal.

Jason and I made our way from Chicago O'hare to the very tip of the Baja Peninsula - twelve hours of travel, two planes and a car ride later - we joined K&S, Ryan and Mason and K's parents at the Pueblo Bonita Sunset Resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  Our days were filled with lounging, sipping on margaritas and Mexican beers, great food and lots of baby slobber and the occasional blowout diaper.  It was perfect. LOL

The boys are getting so big and have such adorable personalities.  They are both pretty relaxed and easy going.  Ryan is quick to smile and show off his one tooth (with another not far behind).  Mason sometimes needs a little time to warm up but once he's ready to play he's all giggles and goofy grins too. Considering they were completely out of their usual surroundings both boys, in my opinion, did awesome.  As we know with babies, one thing that can lead to disaster is if they don't sleep well but, R&M slept in their cozy quarters at night and took the occasional nap in the swing with the warm breeze blowing in through the open patio doors with no problems. The two cuties took a couple of dips in the pool, the water was so warm and relaxing.  I missed out on swimming with them but was told Ryan is a little fish and loves sticking his face in the water while Mason liked to float around and chill. It was wonderful getting in almost a full week of snuggles and to share this time with them and as I always say, the best thing about these visits is just watching them as a family and seeing how in love everyone is with these boys.

We also got out a few times, adults only which was a lot of fun.  The first night we had dinner out and had to make an obligatory visit to Cabo Wabo.  K and I had a great time dancing and were filled with energy and emotion when our theme song came on - Bon Jovi's "Livn' on a Prayer".  The last time we sang out this song together was over a year ago just before our third IVF attempt - wow how things have changed since then!!!

We made a second trip into Cabo later in the week.  We took a stroll down Medano Beach where we happened upon some Spring Break style entertainment (aka wet t-shirt contest). LOL  We had an amazing dinner on the beach and then went to a couple other must visit establishments - NoWhere Bar and Squid Roe.  Fun night!

Another highlight for me, visiting the spa.  A one hour Swedish massage - why yes that would be great!  Besides all that we of course enjoyed time hanging by the pools and soaking up the war
m sunshine.  I was in heaven as I'm a sun and sand kinda girl.

I think we were all anxious to get home but knew we'd miss the weather as we headed back to Chicago since Spring has barely sprung despite it being almost May.  We all headed to the airport together where we said our goodbyes and jumped on separate flights home.  The great thing about my relationship with my surrofam is that I know it won't be goodbye for long.  I feel so incredibly lucky that they continue to be a part of our lives and I get to watch these two boys grow.  Love you all and thank you for an amazing week!!!

I've added some more pics of the boys to the PHOTO ALBUM (contact me for password) and there are others posted on Facebook as well.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Wishes!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Giovanni!  It feels like just yesterday that this 10 lb bouncing baby boy entered the room and changed lives forever.

It was so nice to get a message from his momma today, "Thinking about you and eternally greateful for the beautiful gift you gave us three years ago today!  Much love from our family to you, today and everyday."

We will all be celebrating together this weekend.  Can't wait to see how big he has gotten since our visit the end of last year.

Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sharing Surrogacy

It's a snow day here in Northern Illinois - schools are closed and several businesses including the dental office I work at.  I figured this would be a good time for me to catch up in the blog world and see what all my fellow surrogates have been up to.  That's when I came across a post that I wanted to share with you all regarding talking to others about surrogacy.

Just like my fellow surro-sister and blogger Jeni (Love Makes a Family), I get emails frequently from both woman considering to be a surrogate and woman (men)  looking to build a family through surrogacy.  I find great joy in answering questions and helping them navigate the complex world of surrogacy.  I am an open book and I'm proud to share my experiences and also the knowledge I've acquired over my almost six years in the surrogacy community.  My dream would to be able to do this as a job, perhaps working for or owning an agency but, until then I'm content connecting with these women in my free time.

I hear from hopeful intended parents praising me for what a selfless thing I've done but, I always respond by saying that my life has been enriched by surrogacy just as much as the couples I've helped.  It's an amazing process that has helped me grow emotionally and challenged me to be a more loving, caring, understanding person.  I also love to share my experience with other woman hoping to follow in my footsteps and become a surrogates themselves.  I can't say I've ever convinced anyone to be a surro, it's something they already feel and have a passion for - they just sometimes need a helping hand navigating the process and an idea of where to get started.

The following post has a lot of useful information and tips about how to broach the topic of surrogacy and discuss the subject with others.  Love Makes a Family - Talking With Others About Surrogacy

As always, please feel free to email me - surrogates & intended parents alike.  I love hearing from blog readers and being of help if I can.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time for a Mini Update

Hello there everyone!  I hope the start to the New Year has been treating you all well.  We've been very busy getting settled into our new life and routine.  I've been back at my old job at the dental office for several months now and I really am enjoying it.  Getting accustomed to the new schedule is another thing, I'm not use to being away from home and the girls so much but, we're chugging along.  We LOVE our new home and hosted a housewarming party last weekend with a wonderful turnout.  Thank you so much to all who joined us or sent their congrats.

Besides the obvious day to day stuff that's been keeping me busy, I've challenged myself to become more fit and spend several hours at the gym each week.  Although I feel comfortable in my own skin and think that despite 6 pregnancies and 7 babies over the last 18 years I'm doing alright, it is my mission to get in even better shape so that once I reclaim my body for good it will be one I am proud of.  (Yep, I'm not done with surrogacy just yet but no details to share at this time).  I've got some great motivators that keep me going and make the workouts fun.  Five months postpartum with twins and I'm a good 5+ pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight now, 10 pounds from my goal weight and gearing up for my second 5k in a couple of weeks with several others planned for later in the year.  I'm working on increasing my speed before considering longer distances, not sure I'll ever be a "runner" but for now this works. :)  Our family adopted some new eating habits while I was pregnant with the twins so this was just the next step and it's been more enjoyable then I'd have ever imagined.

Another big motivator for the "Me Revolution" was when K&S invited Jason and I to spend a week with them  and the babies in Cabo as our Christmas gift!  We are floored by their generosity and feel so blessed that they have continued to be so kind and so grateful for our role in their journey to become parents.  We are Mexico bound in just 6 weeks and can't wait to spend this time with them enjoying each others company and the sunshine.

Just after our return we'll be visiting with A&T to help them celebrate Giovanni's 3rd birthday - WOW can you believe it!

I'll be sure get lots of pics and I'm sure will have some great stories to share after both visits.  I'm hoping to get us ALL together this summer here at our home too - I'd love a picture with all SEVEN of the "babies" I've had a hand in bringing into this world.

To be continued ...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Transfer Anniversary (Thing 1 & Thing 2)

One year ago today we held our breath as two little embryos were transferred.  It was one try of many ... IM had undergone six  cumulative cycles of IUI and IVF herself and we'd attempted IVF twice already with me - we prayed that this would finally be "it".  I remember how K treated each cycle as if it was the first, she never let the past discourage her and each try brought new hope.  She's one of the most amazingly resilient women I've ever met.

We waited in our lucky socks to be brought back and the procedure went off perfectly - well almost.  ("Transferred!") After that we waited a very long 4.5 days to test and were excited, but very cautious, when we saw that very first BFP. ("We Have An Overachiever").  Then there was a week of doubling betas, with slightly higher than average numbers, followed by a series of confirmation ultrasounds which let us know that yes indeed, there was not just one but TWO babies snuggling in. ("Two for Two!") It was a month long high filled with anticipation, excitement, and emotion.  Wow, how things can change in a year.

Happy Transfer Anniversary K&S, Ryan & Mason !!!

5 day old embryos

Ryan and Mason - 4 months

Love you guys,
Miss Tiffany

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Family Pictures

Picture sharing time!  Finally, for the first time in probably what's been four years, my family had pics taken.  My dear friend Daisy's husband joined us at our new home for a lil photo shoot and the pics turned out wonderful.  The new lil family also had pics taken recently.  I've added a few to the PHOTO ALBUM here on the site.  The boys are getting so big and are just adorable!

I had the pleasure of helping K celebrate her birthday in Chicago last weekend.  Of course no visit would be complete without some snuggles.  The boys are "talking" and giggling and such happy guys.  They are just adorable together, cooing and smiling away at one another.  They have no idea how lucky they are to have each other and no doubt will be best buds.

I also recently chatted on the phone with Giovanni.  He's a lil chatter box and had no reservation telling me all about his Christmas.  They headed out this week for another visit to Europe, this is his third trip and this time he'll be seeing the sights in Paris. 

Here are a few of our family pics and don't forget to check out the others in the album. 

Isabelle (5)  Abrienne (18)  Chloe (12) & Lauren (8)

photos by Jacob Mathison