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Saturday, January 31, 2009

TWW begins

Well we transferred one 3d 7.5 cell "nice looking" embie today. The Dr. commented that the quality of this one was better than the last transfers so we are keeping everything crossed that it sticks.

DH and I hung out with IPs for a couple of hours before heading home. I'm gonna chill out today and tomorrow to let this one snuggle in. I've promised myself no peeing till 7dp3dt so I'm keeping away from the HPTs till Saturday. Beta is 2/12.....which is also DD's 9th birthday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick Recap of the Last Few Days

At IMs appt Monday there were 4 nice looking follies with a 5th they thought would catch up by the ER, they ended up retrieving only 3 yesterday however. Fertilization report is in, 2 matured but only 1 fertilized so we have just 1 lil embie again this time around. We were really hoping for at least 2 but I guess 1 is better than none and it only takes ONE right?

Transfer will be Sat AM at 10:15 and then the wait begins. We could use your prayers, babydust and belly rubs!!! Fingers crossed that this one sticks!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cycle Update

IM had her first monitoring appointment Wednesday, she only had 5 follies ... not the best but we knew she probably wouldn't respond exceptionally from the beginning of all this. Last cycle there were only 5 follies at the first check also, by the 2nd check two had reabsorbed so we really only had 3 and then one didn't mature so 2 total at retrival. This time around at her 2nd check, which was today, there are still 4 out of the 5 follies that are developing nicely so all is looking good. Hoping there are still 4 nice follicles there at retrieval time.

As for me, I'm going to be taking Ganarelix (along with other meds) till Tuesday which is when my next appt is. We are having some communication issues between the clinic, insurance and the pharmacy that have been a bit of a headache to sort out but hopefully that will be resolved by today. Poor IM...I've been calling her every day since Wed. with this issue, she doesn't need this stress. Insc said they need to hear from her again so hopefully she can make the call , get the approval and the pharmacy can schedule my meds to be delivered that I need by Sunday night. Ugh!!

Back to cycling news, IM will get her hormone levels back this afternoon but the IVF coordinator said that based on how everything looks trigger may be as early as Tuesday with a Wednesday retrieval. That would put our transfer at next Saturday, only 8 days away. This cycle is going by fast!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking Good

Today I had a monitoring appt with the clinic. All is on track and looking good. My lining after 10 days of Estrace is at 7.80 mm so all should be fine and dandy by transfer time. I picked up the remainder of my meds, I'll be taking Ganarelix instead of Lupron this cycle and have been instructed to begin that tomorrow. It is very similar to Lupron, another sub-q injection but the advantage is fewer doses, I only have to stick myself 4-5 times vs. 14. All the other meds are the same expect they've added baby aspirin into my protocol but didn't give me any instructions. I'm guessing I'm to take one daily but I'm going to call them tomorrow to verify that before I start.

IM's next appt is Wednesday. As of now we still don't have a tentative transfer date but last time the ER was 13 days after she began meds, that would put this ER at Jan 30th and likely another 3dt this time so February 2nd or about would be the big day.

"A" met up with me after my appt for some coffee while I was in the city, we had a great visit as always and could have talked for hours but I had to head home to relieve DH from kid duty so he could go to work.

That is the latest, two weeks till baby mak'n time.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cycling Again!

Today I made a very treacherous trek into the city for an appointment. We had some snow overnight that made the roadways a mess and traffic a nightmare but I was determined to get there and get this ball rolling. After a 3.5 hour adventure (usually takes me 1.5 hours) I made it. Thankfully by the time my appointment was done the roadways were clear and the drive home was much easier.

The bloodwork and u/s were all good. Turns out my period was nearly a week later than expected which threw off the protocol a bit. They've switched to a "short" protocol and I begin Estrace tomorrow. Previously I took 2 wks of BCP and 10 days of Lupron before moving to this step. I don't have our cycling calendar yet, they'll contact me with the full protocol and tentative transfer date after touching base with IM on Monday.

So in short, we are cycling again already!! Woohoo!! Praying hard for a miracle in 2009!