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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Visits with the "Lil" Guy

So it has been awhile since I updated. Let's see ... not long after the last entry the surro family came out for a visit. We had a great time, served up some tacos and margaritas, and chatted into the early hours of the morning again. We [my IPs, my husband and I] all tend to be those people that close out parties/gatherings so when we get together nobody wants to be the first to call it a night. LOL Baby G was a real treat that visit, he was vocal and smiley and just a joy to snuggle with.

Then a couple weeks later, the evening before our flight headed to Jamaica, Jason and I visited with them in Chicago. We had a fabulous dinner at a Korean restaurant downtown. IF reserved us two ducks and brought a couple bottles of wine and we all stuffed ourselves. Baby G was such a good boy at dinner. At one point he needed a diaper change and Jason volunteered me for the job. He was so cute talking and smiling at me on the changing table. After we got back to the others I kept him occupied so mommy & daddy could finish their meals. Eventually he gave into sleep and passed out in my arms. Following dinner we all went back to A&T's place for more conversation. It was of course another late night, I think we were back to our hotel around 3am. I have some pics of our visit together so next time ya see me if you wanna peek at the "lil" guy let me know. (Out of respect for my IPs privacy they won't be posted here.)

Speaking of the "lil" guy. Baby G recently had his 4 month well baby check. His measurements came in at 16lbs 14oz and 26.5 inches! Considering he was 10lbs at birth he had a great head start but I still can't believe he is nearly as big as my girls all were at a year, and he's not even half way there yet. Way to Grow Baby G!!! He's not a chubby baby at all though, just solid and long. He's such a handsome little boy with his round cheeks, full head of dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

No plans yet for another visit but we intended to keep in touch, until then I'll cherish the giggles and cuddles we last shared. Feeling Blessed.