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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Easy Peasy Apple Cheesy

Well that was no big deal. The Lupron injection was super simple and no problem at all. So far no side effects either but we'll see if that remains true after it builds up in my system. Beware I may become an emotional hormonal mess in the coming days/weeks.

I'm excited about my next monitoring appointment coming up on the 31st. IM and I have back to back appointments so we'll be able to grab a bite to eat and visit for a bit while I'm in the city. It's been a few months since we last saw one another and on our last visit we were both stressed and frustrated by how slowly everything was moving, this time we'll really have something to look forward to and be excited about.

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