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Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 28

We started off this week enjoying the company of K&S and several of their friends at an annual BBQ that they hold.  It was great chatting with everyone, what a fun night.  After all the guests left we continued to visit into the early hours of the AM.  Both IM and IF got to feel the lil guys move and we had fun poking around my belly to find "baby bits" (elbows, knees, feet).  It's such a crazy sensation to push here and there and find "knots" where these parts are and to then have those "knots" push back!  Jason and I headed home the next morning, it was a nice lil slumber party.

Late last week I got the results from my GTT (glucose tolerance test).  I failed - kinda.  Typically 140 is the cut off but my OB likes it to be 135 or under for multiples - my results 136.  1 POINT !!!  I tried to talk the OB out of a doing a repeat but no such luck so Wednesday I went in and took the 3hr test.   This requires 4 blood draws.  The first is a baseline after fasting from midnight on and then repeated every hour.  Results are in and I PASSED!  I wasn't sweating it considering I really didn't even technically fail the 1hr but, it was a sigh of relief to know I'm not at risk for gestational diabetes. 

I saw my OB for a regular office visit this week too.  Nothing much to report.  Babies were head down (vertex) once again with nice heart rates.  My BP and urine were ok.  My weight gain is "average" - they say a pound a week.  I barely gained in the beginning but since about 16wks the numbers on the scale have been consistently climbing.  I'm 28wks and up 26-28lbs (depending on the scale and time of day) so I'm "ok" but, that means only another 12lbs till I reach the suggested weight gain of 40lbs maximum. These babies have a lot of growing yet to do - hopefully at least another 6-8lbs in baby weight alone so ... that doesn't leave much that I can/should put on.  Gah.  Here's a lil diagram of where all this extra weight goes but remember with twins a few of these numbers are doubled.

My OB went over the usual stuff and also refreshed me on the appointment schedule that now goes into effect seeing as we've reached the 3rd trimester.  Up until now I've been seeing the doctor every 10-14 days but that's changing to every 4-5 days!!  Holy Cow!  I'm on weekly OB visits, NSTs twice a week and we are still seeing MFM every 4wks.  My appt schedule for this week through the end of August looks like this ....

7/24 (Tues) - OB
7/25 (Wed) - 3HR GTT
7/31 (Tues) - OB
8/2 (Thurs) - Follow-up with MFM
8/9 (Thurs) - OB
8/14 (Tues) - OB w/ NST
8/17 (Fri) - MFM growth u/s w/NST
8/21 (Tues)  - OB w/ NST
8/24 (Fri) - NST
8/28 (Tues) - OB w/ NST
8/31 (Fri) - NST


This is assuming all continues to go well and only brings us to 34 weeks so we'll hopefully have a couple weeks of appointments yet after these.  That's a lot of appointments!

P.S. I know I've been slacking and owe everyone a belly pic.  I promise to post one separately in the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

I was so happy to meet you in person at WalMart tonight....your an amazing person!!!!