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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Womb with a View

My last update I left off worried about the possibility of having to do a hysteroscopy to rule out a possible adhesion in my uterus.  After some research I kinda freaked myself out ... I really wasn't looking forward to general anesthesia and what was described as an invasive procedure.  The RE  and my IPs discussed and he advised that we definitely do it because an issue could still be missed on an u/s alone.  He said it could be done in office sans anesthetic because, if there was an issue he didn't plan to correct it.  This was both good news and bad news.  Good news I didn't have to go under and it was going to be "simple", bad news was that if there was an adhesion my journey would be over.  That would be heartbreaking news to us all.  My IPs and I were very anxious awaiting the procedure that would determine our fate.

I went yesterday and I'm very happy to say that everything looked perfect!!  Dr. D said things couldn't look more normal.  In the past I had an RE say my uterus was beautiful, but I was super happy with normal. There wasn't anything to see, and in this case that was the best news ever. Today I saw my OB/Gyn for my annual and she was so surprised I'd done the procedure without anesthetic.  Maybe I have a high pain tolerance? The hysteroscopy itself was very easy (heck my pap today was more uncomfortable) and it was admittedly kinda cool to see the interior view of the womb that's nurtured seven little babies.

So with that bit of news, we are moving forward soon!  Our timeline is for a mid September transfer so it will be time to cycle before we know it!!


Jennifer said...

Every journey for me has required a hysteroscopy in the RE's office. HIVF won't proceed with any candidate without one. They are so quick that you don't have time to be uncomfortable!! My sister had to do one with her RE and they put her under - I was shocked. Told her I thought it was an unnecessary expense to her, but she did what you did and freaked herself out. So she didn't argue the point.

In other news, so so glad you got a clean bill of health ;-) Let the injections begin!!!

Michael said...

Great news. Looking forward to following another journey.