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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Our Due Date - Welcome Home

Today is our 40 week due date, amazing how everything came together and now J&W have been getting to know their precious baby boys for nearly three weeks.

We've been in touch regularly and E&A are doing great.  Of course everyone is adjusting to the new tasks and schedules but sounds like things are going well.  They had a family photo shoot recently and I just adore the "Special Delivery" photo they shared.  I'm hoping we get in some snuggles soon, I haven't visited in about two weeks so I'm sure they've already changed quite a bit.

Welcome Home Emmett & Archer

I'm doing well.  I've been busy pumping round the clock to supply breast milk for the growing boys.  I love that for the third time my IPs have allowed me to do this. It's a big commitment and requires a lot of time and dedication to stop what you're doing every 3 hours to fit in a pump session, but it is a nice transition from my role as their Surrogate.  It helps me to continue to feel useful and it's great for my overall recovery and health.

This c/s recovery seems to be easier than the last.  I have had very little discomfort in regards to uterus shrinking/cramping and I was able to use my abdominal muscle to get out of bed, off the couch etc much sooner than last time.  Incision healing seems to be ok as well.  The hardest part has been sciatica pain on my right side that I had for the first couple of weeks - it's progressively getting better.  I did see my OB last week to follow up on the complications I had during delivery. She was very glad to see me doing so well, despite all I went through. My BP continues to stay elevated due to the preeclampisa so I'll continue to take HBP medication until my postpartum visit at 6 wks and reassess things then.  I'm also taking BP readings at home once a day just to keep a close eye on it because at any time it could begin to stabilize and then the meds would cause me to have issues with low blood pressure.

I had really wanted to return to work soon but my OB feels that due to the hemorrhage and preeclampsia, I'm at a higher risk for postpartum complications and has insisted that I take the full 6 weeks and denied clearance.  Considering the upcoming holiday and the time off I would have had already, it's not that many actual work days but January 7th still seems so far away!  I'm a little stir crazy but finding things to keep me busy.  I've been getting my holiday shopping done but I really need to do some more Christmas decorating, that's been slow going.

So for now I'm going to continue focusing on my recovery and enjoying this time over the holidays to spend with loved ones and just taking time to adjusting to life as usual again.

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