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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Monday, June 7, 2010

6 Weeks Postpartum

I had my six week postpartum visit with my OB today.

Of course the nurse asked me a whole bunch of stuff to rule out PPD ... nope no issues here, couldn't be more happy that A&T have their lil man in their arms and it is NOT ME dealing with the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. LOL No really in all seriousness I feel GREAT emotionally and am so happy that I was able to be a part of such an amazing miracle.

I'm down 28 lbs since delivery, another 15-20 to go to get to my goal. I gained way more weight than I wanted to but 15 lbs is realistic I think. Joined WW again last week and went back to the gym on Wednesday. Jason and I have planned a trip to Jamaica in September, a little honeymoon for us (10 years later). I'm using that as my motivation right now and it seems to be working.

Of course you all know what a stink the Dr. made about c-sec vs. vaginal delivery because of his size. Well you may remember it ended up not being my regular OB that delivered so this was the first time she saw me since that last 37 wk appt. First thing she said was "Wow 10 pounds huh!" Then, sorry if TMI, as she was doing her exam she commented "No episiotomy either?" and I said "Nope" which she followed with, "Guess your body was just meant to have babies". Couldn't help but think to myself ... I'll take that as a compliment thank you very much. ;)

So I got the all clear, back to life as usual I suppose. :)

The family and I are planning to head into the city to visit with the surro fam on Sunday. Looking forward to enjoying a day in Chicago with the hubby, the girls and seeing A&T and Baby G for a bit.

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