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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

My family and I had the absolute honor of attending Baby G's first birthday party yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience seeing how much this lil man is loved. We were the first to arrive so I scooped Mr. G up right away so mom, dad and grandma could all put the final touches on the party before the other guests arrived. He's still such a social boy, full of smiles for anyone who holds him.

The weather was gorgeous and just right for hanging out on the patio visiting and watching the kids play. Many of the guests were familiar to me - I'd met most of them at the baby showers just before his arrival so it was nice to see then all again. T (IF) had prepared quite the menu for us to all enjoy. The courses included; charcuterie, tapas, grilled sausages, lasagna, and of course birthday cake. No one left hungry that's for sure. There was also plenty of champagne and wine for all to celebrate and toast the occasion.

The man of the hour got plenty of attention as he showed of his new walking skills - his lil bow legged waddle is just adorable and I found myself grinning from ear to ear just watching the delight on his face as he toddled across the room.

He of course was spoiled with gifts; toys and clothes galore. As with any typical toddler, he was most interested in the wrapping and ribbons. It was a long day for Baby G so by the time cake rolled around he wasn't very into it, but he got a little taste of the celebratory smash cake mama made. There were cupcakes and a variety of chocolate "suckers" and a delicious chocolate cake all made by A (IM) - so yummy!

It was a full day and as it grew dark Giovanni began to tucker out and was laid down to bed. I got in some night night snuggles - he's such a cuddly guy. Once he was in bed and things wound down our hosts were able to sit back and visit, we stayed well into the evening sticking around till the midnight hour which made it officially his birthday. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Giovanni!!!

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mommyof5 said...

Very sweet!! Sounds like a great 1st Birthday :)

Jennifer said...

Aw, loved this post :) Today is Emma's 1st birthday - I still am in awe that she is already 1!! We celebrated her birthday this last weekend and enjoyed getting to hang out with their extended family for a bit. The party was at a local tea room, so there wasn't a ton of hang-around time for visiting, but I did get a few hugs & kisses for the little birthday girl before we headed out. Hoping to get over to their house tomorrow or Thursday for more time before transfer :)