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Thursday, June 23, 2011


We are in the countdown to transfer now. IM's monitoring appointments were going well, E2 numbers were great, follicles looking nice and then there was a bit of a scare that she might hyperstim (OHSS). She was put on some meds to be proactive and hoped there would be no complications. The cycle was even almost cancelled which would have been a huge disappointment but, then the RE said all was ok to proceed.

So her egg retrieval was yesterday and with the 18 ideal sized follies she had we were expecting it to be her best retrieval yet - however, they were able to retrieve only nine eggs. K was in quite a bit of discomfort this time around and emotionally disappointed in the results, but I tried to stay positive and hopeful - nine is decent if a good number of them fertilize. Well we got that report today and of the nine, eight were mature but only four fertilized. Not what we wanted to hear, but of course as they always say - it only takes one. The embryologist will continue to monitor them and a decision will be made tomorrow if we should do a 3-day transfer Saturday or hold out for a 5-day transfer once they reach the blastocyst stage on Monday.

Staying hopeful these lil "maybe babies" will exceed all expectations. Grow Embies Grow!!!!


Jennifer said...

Praying for healthy little embabies!!! Thanks for the update - I was getting ready to email you :)

Amanda said...

good luck!!! keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

I hope and pray they all grow healthy!!! Can't wait to hear the outcome....good luck!!

one faux mommy said...

fingers crossed for a easy transfer and a healthy baby to grow, Grow, GROW!!!