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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lucky #3

Warning - Rambling Post Ahead.

So I wanted to share my lucky #3 story. My "lucky" number has been 3 since I was in the fifth grade - long story but it stuck and I've considered it my lucky numbers since.

One day, many years later I realized that the #3 was in all of my expected due dates - Brie was due June 23rd, Chloe February 13th, Lauren October 13th and Isabelle March 13th ... then my surrobabe Giovanni followed suit with an EDD of May 3rd.

When we found out earlier this year we would be doing an FET and got to pick the transfer date I immediately started planning, hoping we could make it work out to an EDD with a 3 in it. Unfortunately it didn't fall within the RE's transfer dates that month. Bummer. Then the second time around it was a fresh cycle and out of our control but, had that transfer stuck we would have been so close with a 3/12 due date ... but it didn't really follow the previous pattern. Oh well, moving on.

So this time around we are again planning an FET. I got the RE's transfer window for January and nowhere within it was a date that would result in a #3 due date. Poo. Then yesterday I heard from our IVF coord that we would have to push things back by a week, the RE changed the dates and I now had to choose between Jan. 24th - 29th. You'd think I'd be bummed we were pushing things back but really I was excited - if we were to do a 5dt on January 26th the resulting EDD would be October 13th. :)

Not only is it a date with 3 in it, there's more. It's the same EDD I had with DD Lauren - my favorite pregnancy since it fell during my favorite seasons. Well basically all that means is it didn't include winter - my LEAST favorite time of year to be pregnant. LOL! Also over the past couple of years, I've shared this exact EDD with two of my close friends, most recently my BFF Daisy who delivered her surrotwins this fall. I know I'm totally over analyzing things but if you ask me, I say it's a good sign.

My surrobabe Giovanni was a result of try #3 ... hoping the "Third Times a Charm" this go around too and this #3 thing works in our favor. :)


one faux mommy said...

my birthday is october 13!!! hope it's your lucky day too!

Heidi said...

If you ask me, three is definitely a lucky number! For our transfer, my husband and I were 33, It was my 3rd transfer, my IP's stayed in room 333, our exam room was #3, we transfered 3 embryos resulting in triplets! How could it not be a lucky number? Third times a charm...good luck!

Chelle said...

Hi Tiffany....I sure hope there is a power in threes !! Our journeys have followed almost the same track.. I had a negative beta in June, Chemical in July and am finally going for number 3 in December !! fingers crossed !! Third time is the Charm for us both !! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that things are progressing, and I'm hopeful that this is the THE time!!! You know I've got all of my bendies crossed for you - and I will most definitely be passing the baby baton your direction!!!