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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fresh Start

Well today marks a fresh start.  I made a final trip to the clinic for some blood work to monitor the hCG in my system and it has gone down to 1.5.  More importantly though, my period has started indicating my body is returning to normal and resetting for another try.

There will likely be a change in our game plan as my IPs are strongly considering changing clinics.  Our care throughout the embryo transfer process was just fine but IM feels that the current RE's "one size fits all" protocol may not be the right approach in regards to her care.  In a situation where there is compromised fertility you want a doctor who is going to proceed with caution but still use the most aggressive protocol possible and she didn't feel that in the past he had.  She's very hopeful that a different doctor may be the key to obtaining more eggs and potentially stronger, healthier embryos.

IM didn't waste any time and scheduled a consult with the new clinic the day following our decreased beta news.  We've requested that our records, including all my previous pregnancy records, be forwarded on to the new RE for his review.  We'll hopefully be scheduling appointments with him soon so we can continue to move forward.

I'll keep everyone posted as we work towards another cycle.   Staying positive!!


one faux mommy said...

sorry about the disappointing news tiffany, but hopefully a new clinic is the key!

Anonymous said...

Are you seeing someone in Rockford for the RE? Or do you go to one in their city? I'm going to the one I know of in Rockford and worried since they won't do what I have asked of them to do with my care.

Tiffany said...

My IPs live in my area. We had been using Fertility Centers of Illinois (Dr. Kaplan) but are transferring our care to a local clinic Advance Reproductive Centers (Dr. Deutch) here in Rockford. I do not have any personal experience with them but have several surro friends that have had their monitoring done there. I'm hopeful that they are familiar with third party reproduction and can mange our case and provide exceptional care.