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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Line'em Up

Beta was this morning and we are anticipating a positive as proof by the many HPTs I've taken over the course of the last few days.  The very first test gave us just a hint of a line (6.5dp3dt/9.5dpo - Wednesday PM) and as you can see they've become darker and darker as the hCG levels rise.

An early positive.
Looking pretty.
Clear as day.
Just before beta. :)

The digital HPT was taken on Sunday (10dp3dt/13dpo) and the 1-2 is the "weeks estimator" gauging that the current hCG level indicates that ovulation occurred 1-2 weeks ago. For all intents and purposes the case still remains true in our IVF situation, as our "ovulation date" would have been 3 days prior to the transfer. I however can't help but look at it as the test telling us there may be 1 or 2 babies??? LOL That question will remain unanswered until the ultrasound, which assuming all continues to go well is a couple weeks away yet.

Keep us in your thoughts as we begin the roller-coaster of the first trimester. We are cautiously excited and praying the lil bean(s) stick around. We still have a long way to go and staying positive that we have a healthy pregnancy.  Coming soon, beta numbers!

To be continued ....

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