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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Worked out fine & Lunch with IM

Good news is I woke up to a very "normal" AF so the appt today was a go. I was so relieved. As I said I took DD Brie with me as my travel companion on the 1.5 hour drive in. I posted before about my Chicago driving paranoia but it really wasn't to bad. The worst part was that we were driving right into the sun and with no windshield fluid to clean the filthy window there was a terrible glare and it was sooo hard to read street signs. Now that I know where I'm going though my future trips in should be a breeze.

I made it to the clinic 30 minutes early and they saw me right away. After giving a little blood meeting with our IVF coordinator and having a quick u/s I was on my way. Very easy and simple.

IM meet Brie and I at the office and she took us to this cute little place downtown called "Orange" with a unique menu and tasty fresh juices. My breakfast was super yummy and they make an orange coffee with great flavor. We talked and talked and talked for over two hours. I finally felt 100% comfortable being myself and I really enjoyed our conversation. This time with "just the girls" we got to chat more vs. previous meetings with husbands in tow when they pretty much dominated the conversation. I am so looking forward to more and more opportunities to spend time with my IM, she has a super sweet heart and is so nice.

On my drive home the RE office called to say my levels looked great and u/s was good too. She called in a RX for BCP that I need to start in the next day or two. I also had to contact my OB to see if I could get my cervical cultures (STD tests) done here to avoid driving all the way into the city for just some swab tests. I'm still waiting to hear back from my OB, they haven't been to cooperative with me so far during this surrogacy journey, the seem pretty lost in it all, so I may have to keep on them. I was hoping to change OBs but the one that I wanted and I had heard great things about doesn't take my insc. Bummer!! For now I'll stay with my past OB, maybe once we're closer to being preggo I'll consider changing.

After seeing my OB for the cultures the next step is meeting with the RE and having the hysterosonogram. This is scheduled for the 9th of Jan but I know they want my cervical culture results prior to going ahead with this so if my OB can't get results back by then it might have to be delayed.

Here's hoping all works out fine for that appt like today did in the end.

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