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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woohoo, I'm not crazy!!!!

Well it is official, per the psychologist I am NOT crazy!! Woohoo!! I got a copy of the doctors summary of our visit, it is nice to have something in writing saying I am not insane. She wrote, "As part of the screening, she [Tiffany] took the MMPI-2 (personality test) and her profile indicates that she has no psychopathology and is functioning normally psychologically." Great news huh?

I'll be honest, I was beginning to get a bit worried. The agency and I have been in pretty close contact through this whole process talking at least once a week if not more often then that. Since taking the psych exam over three weeks ago I hadn't heard a thing and was beginning to wonder if they knew something that I didn't. I couldn't help but fret and be concerned that perhaps due to my results we weren't moving forward and nobody wanted to tell me. :hiding: I ended up sending a brief email yesterday and to my relief they said that my results had just come back and my info was being sent over to the clinic right away so we could continue on. Whew!!

So today I got to make some appointments with the RE but we may run into a problem. They want to see me sometime between CD (cycle day) 2-5, normally that would be no problem but of course AF (auntflow) is due basically tomorrow (12/21) and CD 2-5 puts us right in the weekend, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Ugh! We went ahead and put an appointment on the books for Wednesday, Dec 26th in hopes that maybe with the holiday stress my period will be a day late. Keeping everything crossed that the witch doesn't show until Saturday or even better Sunday. If she doesn't hold off then everything is delayed till next month meaning I have to cancel all my appointments (including the one with the lawyer) and try again end of January.

If all goes ok and we move ahead now my first appointment will be for blood work. I have a second appointment two weeks later set for Jan. 9th to meet Dr. Tur Kaspa, have physcial, complete anything we aren't able to do on the first visit and to do the hysteroscopy.

We also have the appointment I mentioned above to meet with the lawyer on Jan 22nd. After all med exams are complete we'll start working on contracts which is another exciting step. If all works out things should be wrapped up the end of next month and we could start cycling in February.

A bit off topic but amongst all my appointments Jason has one as well for a vasectomy. He is not looking forward to it but I'm sure he'll manage just fine. It is a small price to pay to ensure we don't end up with anymore little ones of our own. This is the first time in my life I can actually 100% say I don't want have anymore least none that we have to keep.

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