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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Medical Screening COMPLETE!!!

I had an appointment at the RE's office today...first off can I just say that driving into Chicago no longer fills me with was a breeze!!! Not ready to start driving cab downtown for extra income or anything but I can get to and from the RE's no problem.

I was able to meet Dr. TurKaspa and he shared a bunch of cycling information (mostly details I already knew thanks to my AAS ladies), some IVF statistics and discussed the process in detail. I did ask him about the mock cycle and I was happy to learn, he doesn't find it necessary. He said if I wasn't responding to the medications as wanted we could freeze any embryos and change the protocol. That should speed things up considerably if we don't need to do a mock cycle. He also said he uses the progesterone suppositories vs. the injections...that was good news for me (or shall I say for my rear end....LOL). I've read about some having reactions to the suppositories though so I might need to do a bit of research.

The hysteroscopy went great, uterus checked out good and everything is a go there. It was easy peasy, maybe a bit uncomfy, a little cramping and pressure but that is it. I'm on an antibiotic for the next three days to ward off any infection since they were probing around in there but it really was rather simple.

Dr. TurKaspa said to contact him after contracts are complete so we can work on med. schedules and set a transfer date.

Next step of course is meeting with our lawyers to do agreements/contracts. I talked with our lawyer today, Jason and I were to have an appt with her coming up on the 22nd but she is still awaiting an agreement from my IPs lawyer. Depending on when an agreement is drawn up we can proceed here, however she was doubtful that would be by the 22nd so our appointment will likely be rescheduled and pushed back a bit.

That's about all to report. Very excited to be moving forward and once contracts are done it really becomes "official". Can't wait to seal the deal and be on our way to making a baby (or two) for A&T!!!

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