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Monday, April 19, 2010

38 weeks ~ The Verdict

Well after today's 38wk appointment and follow up to discuss the suggestion by our OB to do a scheduled c-section I can't really say we left feeling any more "guided" then when we came in.

IM, IF and I spent the weekend perusing information regarding fetal macrosomia (big babies) and the proportion issue that was brought up by our OB. Last weeks u/s indicated that his torso/chest/abdomen was measuring a week ahead of his head presenting the risk that he could get "stuck".

So we asked the OB some specific questions and I think we all kinda got the impression that she was representing the worst case scenario. There was no mention that all could be fine, which we know from reviewing statistics and percentages a positive outcome is very likely. Never once did she say, “These are the risks and what could happen but then again a vaginal delivery could go smoothly as well.” Of course with any birth/delivery there are risks, even with smaller babies there can be complications, but she made it sound like big baby equals some kind of negative outcome whether that be shoulder dystocia or worse.

She did end up doing a cervical check and unfortunately the results didn't help us along in the decision process at all; cervix is still closed and long, baby's head is down and in position but still high. So, that removed the possibility of being induced sometime this week in an effort to not allow him to get much bigger before delivery. If my cervix isn't favorable it's not worth it right now.

We left the OB office still undecided and went back to our house for dinner. We continued to discuss things and over dessert we came to this verdict.

I am calling the OB tomorrow to schedule the c-section for next Tuesday, April 27th (this is her surgical day) but if labor comes on its own before then we're gonna follow natures cues and go with it. So please keep us in your thoughts. I'd love if we could avoid the c-section but I also want us all to be 100% comfortable with the decision that is made. I'm ok with the Cesarean in another week considering the OB is estimating he'll be well over 9lbs by then. My IPs are comfortable with following my body's lead if it happens that way in the upcoming days since we are still probably looking at a baby in the 8lb. range minimizing complications due to his size. What's really most important to us all is that he arrives safe and sound and I cannot wait for him to be in his mom’s arms where he belongs.

A&T are having a baby in a week or less!!!!


The Heath Family said...

Tiff ~ what I was told by my accupuncturist is that 90% of the doctors in Rockford (OB's) are going to push c-sections because they're more convenient for them - no calls at 2:00am because their patient is having a baby, rearranging office visits because they're in L&D, etc. That statement, paired with how she acted when I asked about a VBAC and her disinterest in reviewing the positive outcomes of a vaginal birth of Baby G, makes me totally believe this. However, I think any other doctor you would be dealing with would probably act in the same manner. I want you to know that I'm praying for you and hoping that everything goes well (I know it will). This is a hard decision to have to make and I think you've made the best choice you could, given the circumstances. ::big hug::

Kathie said...

Well, you know where I stand on this, and I am proof that big babies can come on their own just fine :) But I also know it's not just your decision....I will be praying that Baby G decides to pick his own birthday and come before the 27th!