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Thursday, April 15, 2010

OB Appointment

I'm gonna keep this kinda simple and try not to go off on tangents. We've got some decisions to make and options to weigh but won't have a final verdict till Monday so here is the gist on our appointment today.

First things first, things are looking ok for me. BP was 114/72, urine a-ok, weight gain up a little but that's expected with the water retention (edema) I'm experiencing. Other than the normal pregnancy woes all is good.

We had a growth ultrasound today, we were all very interested to get an idea of how big this "lil" guy is but were a little surprised by what the doctor had to say. Apparently Baby G is a linebacker, he's measuring in the 90th percentile!! The Dr. brought up a concern, his abdomen is measuring 40wks already but his head isn't measuring that far ahead yet so, that raises a slight problem. Dr. explained that during a vaginal birth the head is typically the biggest part of the baby and "paves the way" for the shoulders/body but in this instance she is afraid he could get stuck in the birth canal since his body is proportionally larger. Considering this a vaginal delivery poses some risks that we need to discuss and then decide if a cesarean section might be the best option.

We all know these u/s are only an estimate. I hesitate having a c-section only to find out in the end he would have fit just fine but I also have to remember my IPs have been waiting 8 years for their baby and the most important thing is a healthy outcome for both myself and their child.

We go back for another appointment on Monday and will make the decision then if we should deliver via c-section in two weeks (39 weeks)or induce next week (38 weeks) to avoid him getting bigger (but this doesn't necessarily change his proportions). Waiting things out and letting him come any later than that doesn't seem like an option right now. Whatever way you look at it he’s a big boy and making an appearance in the next two weeks, the question now is how is he gonna get out of here?!?!

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Bev (Mom) said...

Praying for the best for you and Baby G.
Love you