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Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 17/18 - Navel Oranges

It's easy for me to make this comparison because my fridge is stocked with this fresh and juicy treat daily! As much as I love fruit, oranges have never been my go-to choice but lately I can't get enough!  I sometimes go through 3-4 oranges in a sitting.

Things are going great.  I'm feeling really good and can't complain and thank goodness because last week was super busy for me.  The spring  semester is coming to an end and I'm wrapping up my two classes so I had a project to finish up, observations to complete and finals to study for.  Tomorrow is my final day and if all goes well I should have an A in both classes. Anyway, in pregnancy news ...

We had a quick appointment today and since K&S were out just a lil over a week ago and will be out again end of next week I went to this one by myself.  The stats are; Baby A heart rate of 150 and breech, Baby B heart rate of 160 and head down.  No additional measurements on the babies were taken today since we have our BIG anatomy scan u/s soon where they will look over everything in detail.  We did do a cervical length check and that measured 4.5cm - perfect.  All my other stats were good too.  BP was 110/62 - great, urine - good, weight gain - less than a pound ... Woohoo!  I also had the AFP bloodwork drawn today, a test to rule out spina bifida.  Since we already did the NT scan it's not necessary to screen for Down's with this set of bloodwork since our results showed minimal risk.  This test comes with some hesitation since false positives aren't unheard of but, we'll try not worry about it and pray are no issues.  

Carrying twins hasn't been any different from my singleton pregnancies yet however, the appointment schedule is a tad overwhelming.  I was a little surprised to find out today I was missing two appointments on my calendar and had to set them up yet.  The number of visits is insane I tell ya.  This month alone we had a routine OB check and cervical length u/s on May 2nd, another May 14th, MFM on the 25th for the anatomy scan and another OB/cervical length check on the 31st.  That's once a week already and this pace isn't letting up any time soon - in fact it'll get more intense as time goes on and we add in the weekly NSTs!  

That's all for now.  I'll get a belly pic in soon and then our next appointment update will be at the end of the month and hopefully we will have some gender news to share. :)  Stay tuned. 

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Jeni said...

So glad everything is going perfectly! I agree 100%. Carrying twins was really no different, except for all of the appointments!

Keep on keeping on! You're doing great!