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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 20 - Adorable Lil Brothers

We had an appointment today to check cervical length and vitals on both the babies and myself.  Everything looks great all around.  Heart rates were 158 (A) and 156 (B).  The weight I didn't gain a few weeks ago caught up to me - gah!  I'm blaming it on the chaos of the last couple of weeks and grad party food. BP and urine good and cervical length was excellent at over 4.5cm!!  According to the anatomy scan measurements both babes are right around 12 oz. - the equivalent of 3 sticks of butter each - or as my husband pointed out, a can of beer.  The twins in the BabyCenter image above are "stacked" where as these lil guys as of right now are side-by-side, A on my left and B on my right. Although this has been their preferred "layout" since the beginning, they do move around a lot and continue to flip flop from breech to vertex and back again.  As of right now they are both head down, the preferred position for a vaginal delivery.  That's several months away though so not getting my hopes up.  They will continue their acrobatics for awhile - that is until they run out of space in there!

Here are a couple of 3D images from last weeks anatomy scan.  One question I/we get often, especially now that we know they are both boys, is if they are fraternal or identical twins.  These two are indeed fraternal, they have separate amniotic sacs and placentas which is the best case scenario and elimiates our risk of twin-to-twin transfusion - a serious medical condition where one twin receives more nouristment than then other causing significant malnutrition in the other twin.  However, as I look over these pics I see several similarities in the boys apparence - just look at their cute lil matching noses!  I think these two brothers, although not identical, will definetly look like brothers.
Baby A

Baby B


Jennifer said...

Baby A is already Tebowing :) LOVE it!!!!

Jeni said...

Awww...they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

So cute :)

Carly said...

Love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm 6 wks behind you also with twins! So darn cute! The 3 D pics are awesome!
Have a Suneday!