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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 29 - T&P's

I'm going to try and avoid rambling in this post because I don't have much concrete information right now and I'm trying hard not to cause myself or K&S additional stress by dwelling on "what ifs".  I went in for the follow up u/s to recheck the echogenic bowel in Baby A (initial post) and it's unresolved. :(  We were really hoping for better news.  They will continue to monitor the bowel and also look for answers as to why this lil guys small intestines are showing up as dense on the u/s.  There are a number of things that could cause this ranging from very very minor to much more involved.  Some possibilities; it could simply be that the fetus ingested blood that was in the amnio fluid or that meconium is beginning to form in the bowel or something more serious like an intra-uterine infection or a chromosomal abnormality.  More info on all that can be found here.

We had several test early in the pregnancy already to check for chromosomal abnormalities and all were negative which reduces the risk that it is due to that and cystic fibrosis has been eliminated as a possibility.  So, the first step is going to be ruling out infection. I was sent to the lab today for blood work to see if I test positive for one of a few different viruses that I might have unknowingly been exposed to or I may be a carrier for .  I'll be very honest, it makes me incredibly emotional to think that something I came into contact with could be the cause for these issues.  We won't know the results till sometime next week.  The info we are receiving right now is so vague - all we can do at this point is try not to worry until we have a clearer picture and hopefully some answers.  Prayers appreciated for this lil guys health.

I also had a regular OB appointment this week and all is well; BP good, urine fine, even down 2lbs from a week ago which my doctor didn't like but, just last time she made mention of too much of a gain so in my opinion they balance one another out.  **shrug**

And to end this post on a happy note.  It's baby shower weekend!!!  I can't wait to see IM surrounded with love from her friends and family as we all celebrate these two little lives.  Can't wait!


Tiffany said...

I hope they can expedite your test results, and everything is all clear. Hoping for an easy fix for Baby Boy.

Have fun at the shower! How exciting!

Michael said...

Doctors can do amazing things these days so let's hope for some good news and something they can control. The shower will be so much fun. Enjoy it!

one faux mommy said...

praying for you all!

Carly said...

Many prayers coming your way for the precious little boys,you and your IP's! Have a sweet and happy shower!

Lyndsay Matthews said...

Best of luck with the baby, I hope it's easily solved. Positive thoughts coming your way.

Enjoy the shower :)