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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 31 - Any Guesses?

It's been another busy week in the world of baby baking.  Tuesday there was the usual weekly visit to the OB.  Everything looked pretty good.  Weight and BP fine, trace amount of protein in my urine but no headaches or other pre-e symptoms so just something to make a note of.  Babies looked great on the u/s - beautiful heart rates, A vertex/B breech, active and moving all about as usual.

After the u/s I did my first NST of the pregnancy.  This test will be preformed twice a week from here on out just to check and see how the babies are tolerating their cozy lil uterine home.  It was such a challenge to keep both babies on the monitor - they were very active -  and during the 30+ minutes of monitoring I had two sizable contractions.  To me they just felt like braxton hicks - tightening of the uterus muscle that's not painful but a little uncomfortable and my whole belly gets very tense.  These concerned Dr. K just a bit so she decided to do an fFN, this is a basic test (like a pap smear) that will help doctors assess the risk of pre-term labor.

If your test result was negative, you can be 99.2% assured that you won't deliver in the next two weeks.1 Your doctor may want to monitor your fetal fibronectin test result at your next visit.
If your test result was positive, listen to your body! Knowing that you may be more likely to have a preterm birth gives you the chance to create an action plan with your doctor, which may include bed rest or medications.

Our results - NEGATIVE.  So, looks like these guys are most likely staying put for two or more weeks. :)  This doesn't mean they absolutely won't be born in the next two weeks but it's a good indication that natural labor will not start on it's one anytime soon.

We also had an appointment with MFM yesterday and I am so very relieved to say that .... the echogenic bowel is no longer an issue!!!  We are so thankful for this news and excited to move forward without this worry on our minds.  All my test results for inter-uterine infection were negative and through u/s monitoring we can see that it is not progressing and may even be resolving.  Both the tech and MFM doctor didn't think the findings were significant enough to indicate a problem.  Yay!!!!

Babies are doing wonderfully.  Baby A is vertex (head down) and tucked way low in my pelvis with his head up against the lower portion of my spine (lovely!).  His heart rate on both the u/s and NST averaged in the lower140's.  He's the smaller of the two guys, weighing in at 3lbs 15oz and in the 33rd percentile.  Baby B (on my right) is still doing flip flops, this week his preferred position is breech and he is folded in half with feet up by his face.  His heart rates tend to be a bit higher in the 140/150's range and his measurements come in at the 58th percentile for an estimated weight of 4lbs 6oz. ... over 8lbs of baby now. :)  My uterus has been 10lbs tested by Mr. G but I think these two are going to exceed that by the end.  We will have one more growth scan at 36wks if we make it that far.

Things are becoming surreal.  I can't believe we are so close to the end now.  Being 32 weeks with multiples is significantly far along - average for twins is 35 weeks.  I can not even imagine them coming in just a few more weeks and neither can K&S. Everyone is working on the final details; packing bags, washing endless baby clothes, setting up the nursery, readying the breast pump, making sure all necessary phone #'s are programmed and all key players are standing by!

I think it's time for a Baby Pool!!!  I hope you'll play along. :)

Now to give everyone a lil advantage, the details we know are ...
  • There are two babies - Baby A & Baby B
  • They are both BOYS
  • Baby A will be born first - he's closest to the exit ;)
  • Baby A is the "lil guy" - Baby B although he'll be younger is the "bigger brother"
  • They will be delivered in August or September prior to the 38th week.

Let the guesses begin!!!


Tiffany said...

So glad to hear that little issue resolved itself. It sucks that you all were put through so much stress, but I guess it's better all the stress was for nothing as opposed to something. :-)

Can we know what week you delivered your prevoius babes at, for a further leg up? :-)

Tiffany said...

Ok I'll give you the stats. ;)

Baby #1 - 39w4d Spontaneous labor
Baby #2 - 39w6d Spontaneous labor
Baby #3 - 39w0d Induction
Baby #4 - 39w1d Induction
Baby #5 - 38w5d Spontaneous labor

So none of them were delivered prior to the 38wk deadline my OB has put on this pregnancy but, they were also all singletons. ;)

one faux mommy said...

so happy to hear the little guy has no more bowel issues! thank goodness for small miracles! guessing games are fun! :)

Michael said...

Great news about the bowel. (There's a sentence I never thought I'd say!) Congrats on making it this far and looking forward to meeting the little guys in several more weeks. Hear that, babies? SEVERAL more weeks before I see you, ok?