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Monday, August 11, 2014

Don't Stop Believin'

Yesterday (Sunday) we received an update on the one embryo and the RE felt it was still best for the transfer to remain tentative until the day of.  The embryo, which had been frozen on Day 1 had thawed, but wasn't dividing as quickly as they would like for it to.  He felt that giving it another 24 hours was best so we all anxiously awaited the call this morning to find out if transfer would be a-go or not.

At 7:07 AM Dr. D called saying although the embryo was slow to divide it was still considered viable and after discussing with my IPs it was decided the transfer was worth a try.  Jason and I headed out the door, dropped daughter Lauren off at the gym, and drove to the Advance IVF Institute in Naperville, IL.  It was early and we were both kind of tired so the ride was quiet but when we did decide to put on the radio wouldn't ya know, the first song to play was Don't Stop Believin' (Journey).  How timely, I just couldn't help but get a little emotional hearing the chorus over and over.

We arrived at the clinic and were brought back to an exam room.  It was just the two of us, unfortunately IPs couldn't be there today but I've done this a time or two so it was no problem. *wink* Prior to the procedure the embryologist quickly reviewed the quality.  Despite it being a Day 3 embryo it was at the 2-4 cell stage yet, it wasn't great but still had a fighting chance with the help of a step called assisted hatching. The transfer itself was pretty uneventful and as no surprise went flawlessly.

IM and I chatted and decided we weren't going to rush into any premature at home testing.  Usually I'm dying to POAS and have a drawer of HPTs stocked and ready to go, but we are going to wait things out. Considering we transferred only one 3-day embryo, even in the best circumstances we wouldn't expect HPT results for a week or more and this embie was a "slow starter".   Also, this cycle I did an hCG trigger to stimulate ovulation which basically means, I now have artificial pregnancy hormone in my system and if I were to test even today, it would be positive.  I'd have to test for the next several days to be sure that was out of my system before I could start any real testing to see if the transfer worked.  We are going to wait things out till beta.  Right now it doesn't seem so far away but that may be another story come end of next week.

Beta is scheduled for Friday, August 22nd and I'll update you all then.

Staying hopeful!

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