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Friday, August 1, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!!

I had an appointment for blood work and ultrasound today and just received my instructions to start oral estrace 1x today and tomorrow, 2x Sun/Mon, and 3x Tues and I scheduled a return visit to the RE for monitoring that day.  This is a fast protocol and different from any I've ever been on so even though it's my eighth IVF cycle, it's a little new to me.  So far I've only been given verbal instructions, I'm hoping I can get a printed version of our calendar at Tuesdays appointment to have a better idea of what this protocol includes.

Previously with fresh I have always started a good week or two before IM and once my lining was ready, I coast while she stims and get ready for retrieval.  This RE however has us synced up exactly (she started meds on my CD1) and judging by the medications I was prescribed, I think I may be doing a trigger this time. BOO!!  This totally messes up my HPT obsession since it would introduce artificial hCG into my system.  No early testing? What!?!?

Since this is a fresh cycle, dates are tentative and depend on IM's follicle growth and response to meds.  Cycling can be very hard on the mind and body so please send her ~<~good eggie vibes~>~ and all positive thoughts appreciated.  The RE will determine when it's time to move ahead with the retrieval, which will likely be the second week of August with a transfer to follow 3 to 5 days later.  That puts our tentative transfer window between AUGUST 15th and 20th depending on the quality and status of any resulting embryos.  

That's only a few weeks away!!  So close!!

One final thing ...

My fundraising campaign for Surrogacy Together is coming to a close soon.  Please consider helping this wonderful organization assist couples and individuals looking to become parents via surrogacy.

Thank You!!!

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