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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

26 Weeks

We ended last week with an uneventful MFM appointment.  Babies were both measuring approximately 2lbs 5oz which still puts them close to the 90th percentile.  There had been some concern a few weeks back about the increased amniotic fluid levels but that was back within normal range which was good news and the blood work I had run a few weeks back came back negative for any kind of intrauterine infection.

Yesterday I followed up with OB for a routine visit and to also take the 1-hour GTT. We had a quick u/s to check heart tones which were perfect.  Despite a few days prior Baby A being transverse and Baby B being breech, yesterday they were both breech with heads up under my rib cage. Ouch.  BP and urine were fine and I only gained 2 lbs the last few weeks.  Yay!  After my rapid gain of 8 lbs over a similar time span last check up, I was relieved to hear this news.  I've been modifying my diet and cutting out/back on sugars and carbs and it seems to be working.  Despite my efforts though, I still failed the 1-hour GTT.   Although I'm not entirely surprised it's still a bummer.  My result was 155, the guideline is typically under 140 but my OB actually uses under 135 as her cut off.  So, I will head back in bright and early Saturday AM to have the 3-hour GTT done.  Since I haven't passed the 1-hour my last four pregnancies now, this will be my 4th time taking the 3-hour.  When you add up ALL the time I've spent taking this wonderful screening test over seven pregnancies, it comes up to be 24 hours of my life - an entire day!  I'm hopeful the result comes back within normal limits otherwise we will be looking at a gestational diabetes diagnosis which I've never had before.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good, very pregnant but good.  I am welcoming the cool down in weather that is coming and recently modified my work schedule by going down to part-time.  The last few weeks had become rough working full days.  Although I was doing my best to hang in there and work at a normal pace, I'd come home exhausted with no energy to offer my family.  The change in hours will allow me a good balance between work, family and rest.

I am seeing the OB every two weeks now and we will continue our monthly MFM growth scan appointments as well.  I'm hoping to carry these lil ones to 36 weeks, so another 10 weeks or so to go.   I have no doubt with the frequency of appointments picking up here now as we begin the third trimester it will be here before we know it!

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