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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hurry up and WAIT!!

They aren't kidding when they say surrogacy is all about playing the "hurry up and wait" game. Ugh.

So I relayed all my cycle info to the consultant at my agency and she contacted the RE office. Guess they said a big NO to doing any med exams (hysteroscopy/blood work) before I get my psych clearance. So although we've been racing to get in a few preliminary appointments (psych eval, contracts) to get going we are gonna have to WAIT till January for the next step which is medical exams.

With the way things are going looks like med evaluations early January, with possibly a mock cycle sometime February. I've heard rumors that these can take up to 8 WEEKS so.....that is gonna push us to April at the earliest for an actual transfer. That seems like forever away and I am ready NOW!!!!!

Another frustrating note is that I asked about the possibility of using a clinic close to home for some of my monitoring appts. Guess were gonna have to wait on IPs RE and see if they are ok with that. Truth is that I HATE to drive into Chicago. That part of this surro journey has me more paranoid and intimidated then giving myself multiple injections over and over with a big fat needle in my butt. That sounds like a piece of cake in comparison to driving into the city every few days for u/s and b/w. I am hoping they [clinic] will be ok with me using someone local for the "little" appointments and I can save myself for scary city driving.

Anyway, that is the latest update. Not gonna be much happening for awhile it seems. Psych evaluation is still a week from this Friday (Nov 30) and I am hoping IPs, DH and I can all do lunch following since they have an appt just before ours.

I'm sure I'll post again then if not before.

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