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Saturday, November 17, 2007

So far all is going smoothly

I hope the rest of the journey goes this well.

Now that we have an official match it is time to get in all the preliminary stuff. This past week I got the psych evaluation scheduled for Jason and I, we'll be doing that on November 30th. I also have an appointment on the books with the lawyer we are working with, that is December 12th. I love that everything just keeps moving along.

I've also been cleared by the IP's RE, so after the psych evaluation is done and that is A-OK I begin the medical evaluations. From what I understand this will include a bunch of blood work for both Jason and I and an hysteroscopy for me. According to what I've read they do the hysteroscopy sometime around the week after AF (CD7-14) so if AF shows when I'm expecting that would put us somewhere around December 1-7th. I imagine if we don't do it this cycle it will be delayed until January. I'd rather just get it done and over with. Not that I'm worried about it, when I got my IUD in/out I hardly felt a thing but I hate waiting for AF and it would make me anxious waiting till the new year.

I am very excited because now that things are moving along A&T and I have been able to exchange personal information. I wasn't quite sure how to first contact them, so I decided to send A an E-card to say hello and let them know I was thinking about them. She responded back with an email and I returned her with one of my own. It will be nice to be able to keep in touch now.

On the 30th they also have their psych evaluation, we have back to back appointments so I am hoping maybe we are able to do lunch that afternoon. Since they live about 2 hours from us it would be nice to take advantage of the fact that we will be in the same area at the same time. I'm hoping to hear back from them if this will work out.

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