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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Match Meeting....we shall see!?!?!

Well, DH and I got home not to long ago. Things went well at our meeting with the IPs. We did a lot of chit chatting over the two hours and the consultants from the agency were there to facilitate the conversation and ask questions and keep things moving.

I have a very good feeling and hope they do to. The IM and I were both crying at one point so I think that is a good sign. IF was very friendly and did the majority of the talking, very outgoing. She however seemed a bit reserved but after we talked about that (how quiet IM was) she confessed she is just a bit apprehensive about getting too excited. Their struggle with infertility has been 5 long years and there have been several surgeries resulting in getting no where so it is understandable for them to be cautious.

I was also a bit quiet, which is unlike me, but I think I was afraid of saying the wrong thing. I just didn't want to blab to much about my own children or how wonderful my pregnancies/deliveries were for fear of sounding insensitive. I know right now "A" would do anything to be in my shoes and I wanted to respect that. I can't even begin to imagine the mental process one goes through to decide to let another woman carry your child and relinquish the dream of being pregnant. It must be a hard place to be. So, I waited for them to ask the questions instead of spilling my guts. I imagine that feeling lessens as you begin to really know one another, but it was a bit awkward during this first meeting. Certainly not something that makes me second guess the match, I think time will remedy it.

I am hoping to hear something by late morning or early afternoon so I'll let you all know.

It really wasn't that hard once we got talking and I am positive they got to see the true me. However, I think they hit it off even better with DH. Maybe they will want him to carry the baby.

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