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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now we wait (transfer complete)

Yellow/Green - check
Pineapple - check
French Fries - check
Good luck charm - check
Perfect lining - check
One grade 1 embie - check
BFP.......... I'll let you know soon!!!!!!!

Transfer went great today!!! Our IFV coord said my lining was "beautiful". Although I never did get a final measurement it looked super fluffy on the u/s. As you know we had only one lil embie to transfer but it was looking great, 6-8 cells and they helped it along with assisted hatching to give it the best chance. IM and I held on to the good luck charms she got us both, held hands and shed a couple of tears as we watched the little "starburst" on the u/s as the embryo found it's way to it's new comfy cozy home.

DH and I spent the day hanging out with IPs, they took us to get Chicago style hotdogs where I got some yummy fries of course. We then headed to a quieter coffee shop for some pastries and had a few hours to chit chat before we headed out on our way.

IPs decided they don't want to know prior to BETA, so since she may peek in're all gonna have to wait too!!!!

Hoping the little button is getting snuggled in....BETA is Monday, December 1st.


Anonymous said...

I'm sheeding a few tears for you both! I'm so proud of you Tiffany, you make the world a better place. Grow baby grow! Ali

Dani said...

I"m super stoked for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, saying prayers and doing ritual dances of the fertility rains. I'm also thinking about T&A because I know waiting is the absolute most horrible thing in life sometimes. I'm cheering on that little embryo and if you need ANYTHING (besides Edward, whom I've already provided), please call me! I'm just a couple minutes away and will do anything I can to help!!! *bigs hugs to T&J and T&A!*

SurroMommy said...

I just had my transfer this morning, and IM and I couldn't see the starbursts. :( Maybe because my bladder wasn't full enough?