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I am a Thirty-Something mother of four beautiful girls. My love for them, and the joy I've experienced during this crazy ride called motherhood, has inspired me to help make the dream of a family become a reality for couples through gestational surrogacy. I've proudly helped A&T, as their lives were forever changed when they welcomed a son in April 2010 and K&S were blessed as parents in Sept 2012 when we welcomed their twin boys. I completed my final surrogacy journey Nov 2015 when I helped a wonderful local couple J&W and Big Brother add their family with the birth of twin boys. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful relationships with each one of my surro-families and continue to share in their lives.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10 weeks

Time is really going by fast, can't believe we are nearing the end of the first trimester already. Not much has changed. I still can't believe how lucky I've been...besides some minor symptoms I've been feeling pretty good. The fatigue is probably the worst of it, it's a total different feeling then just being tired. I'll be going strong and feeling good and then it's like I hit a brick wall and MUST take a short break. If a break isn't possible I find myself zoning out and staring off into space but that doesn't last long, the spell is usually broken by someone either yelling "Mommy" or "Miss Tiffany"!!

I've officially broken out the maternity wardrobe. I keep asking myself, "This "gut" wasn't here two weeks ago right?" I'm certain it wasn't and Jason and some friends have pointed out that it is there now so I'm not imagining things. ;) I plan to take some pictures today and hoping to take them each week or two to show IM how her lil babes are growing. :)

Yesterday was my last day of meds...woohoo!! Since my ovaries were suppressed prior to transfer my body did not begin producing estrogen and progesterone as it normally would when a woman ovulates. I've been taking synthetic hormones for the past 10+ weeks but now the placenta(s) are producing enough of these hormones on their own that I can stop medications. It had become a ritual to take them three times a day, it is strange to not have to worry about it anymore.

The first OB appt is right around the corner now, Friday morning. I'm nervous to meet the new doctor(s), I've heard lots of good things and am very confident that moving practices was the right thing to do but it is still a hard choice after being with my previous OB for 10 years. We'll also be getting an u/s at this visit. Can't wait to see these two doing flips and moving their lil arms and legs about. So excited to get a peek at them again.

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