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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ER Visit

Well I ended up in the ER last night. Just before dinner time I bent down to do something and felt a gush, when I stood up another gush. I went to the bathroom and sure enough bright red blood. I had some brown spotting/bleeding the night before so when I called the OB yesterday I was instructions to go to the ER if I soaked a pad in an hour but who really wants to wait around for that! It was already 7pm and I knew if it got worse I didn't want to be sitting in the ER overnight so I called my mom and we headed over there. Of course the wait was forever, thank goodness my mom was there to keep me company. I finally went back for an exam and cervix looked good and she saw very little sign(s) of this point it was back to the brown again. I went back for an u/s and the tech didn't really show/say much the entire time and the screen was totally turned away from me. After 15 long minutes with my heart racing she turned the screen to me and said, "See a nice lil heartbeat". What a relief! I asked if she could still see the other embryo/sac and she could, in comparison to the thriving baby the sac still looked quite big. The ER is forwarding my u/s scan to the OB office and I'm supposed to follow up with her to get the results today.

So the news is good, baby is looking fine. My poor IM, I left her a VM around 7:00pm to let her know I was going to the ER, then a txt around 10:00pm to let her know baby was fine. I didn't hear from her which I thought was was because she was on a flight to NY. She called me at 12:40am once she landed and turned her cell back on, I was still up and we talked for a bit and I reassured her I was fine and baby looked good too. She apologized for leaving town, she said she thought booking this work trip would be ok at this point and time since we'd be in the 2nd trimester and I told her that her kid is already trying to ruin plans...isn't that what kids do?!?!

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