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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update to ER Visit

I called my OB this morning but today is her day off so the OB on call said to rest, drink plenty of fluids and follow up with her tomorrow since the bleeding seemed to have stopped and we already had a 2pm appt set. They said they'd call over to the ER and get my records from last night for her to review. We'll a few hours later I got a call back saying they did want to see me today after all b/c the ER report was vague and the u/s info didn't really shed much light on I got to go in for an u/s this afternoon.

Basically what is going on is what lil placenta Baby A (the one we lost) began with is starting to separate from the uterine lining/wall. So this is the cause of the bleeding and it could go on for awhile or it could just stop. We are hoping it will still just reabsorb but he explained that my body may, but hopefully will not, try to expel it causing a miscarriage which could put Baby B at risk. We are not in the clear just yet even though Baby B looks good, he was honest and said we could still have complications and lose the pregnancy altogether. He did mention multiple times that Baby B is strong and healthy, heart tones were great, measuring a day ahead and looking good. I'm on pelvic rest and lifting restrictions but he said to go about my normal life as much as possible. I might continue to bleed but he said if I have hemorrhage like bleeding or extreme cramping to go to the ER or call the office ASAP. Unfortunately at only 12 wks there isn't much they can do so now we just wait and see.

It was reassuring to see Baby B and know s/he is doing fine but it is still scary that s/he is at risk. It's weird that for the last two weeks I've been grieving Baby A and now I actually just want the non viable embryo to go away and stop causing me/us this grief and uncertainty!! I go back in a lil over a week for a 14wk appt and u/s, lets pray all is well between now and then.

So that is the latest...continue to keep us in your thoughts please.

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