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Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 35 - The "Play by Play"

35w0d (Saturday) - I'm hoping to get another week out of this pregnancy and after that - I'm ready!! If I could rewind the clock back to 28 weeks I could stay pregnant forever but, I can't stay this pregnant for much longer!!  A little note from yesterday and sorry if this is TMI but, I've had a slight bit of brown discharge which is possibly part of the "mucus plug".  This doesn't mean much really other than we are close.  I've also been experiencing, as I have in my other pregnancies, an intense stabbing pain at the "exit" - those of you that have felt this before might remember if feeling like the "scrape" of a pap smear.  OUCH!!  It catches me off guard sometimes and I'll even wince or at the very least make an awful face causing those around me a moment of panic wondering if I might have the babies right there in the grocery store! 

35w1d (Sunday) - Today has been fairly uneventful.  I had my first restful nights sleep in a little while last night and I think that made for good spirits today.  It seemed to help last night that when I woke up, I'd walk around the living room and kitchen for a few laps stretching everything out before climbing back into bed again.  I got two decent 3 hour stretches.  Heaven!  My feet and ankles have been pretty swollen today but elevating them helps.  The lil boys have been active but calm.  My girls snuggled up with me on the couch for story time and Izzy told them, "You get to see your mom & dad soon".  I'm not sure if she's excited for K&S or just ready for these babies to go home. LOL

35w2d (Monday) - Today was not an ordinary Monday.  Typically I start each weekday morning sending my girls out the door to the bus while welcoming several daycare kiddos into my home around the seven o'clock hour but not today.  Knowing that I'm done with work until these lil guys arrive is such a relief both physically and mentally.  I sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and my laptop browsing Facebook and researching how to get stubborn Baby B to turn from his breech position.  I took advantage of the down time until I figured I'd better get in for a shower.  After being on my feet, slowly getting ready for forty minutes or so, I was already beginning to feel the swelling in my lower legs and headed to the couch to elevate them.  I did decide to run to the grocery store this afternoon but took my mom with to help.  I came home to put my feet up and relax a bit again but these baby boys had something else in mind and became very active as soon as I laid down; stretch, pushing and kicking and causing that awful sharp stabbing pain I referred to back on Saturday.  They did finally settle down so I could get a few moments to recharge before starting our evening activities.  So that's it, nothing exciting and hoping to keep it that way for another several days.  K let me know this morning that the car seats were installed.  I'm sure it's gonna take some getting used to seeing the two of them taking up the entire backseat!

35w3d (Tuesday) - Today was appointment day, pretty uneventful.  Babies looked great on the u/s - good activity, heart rates, fluid, doing practice breathing.  They are still crammed in there in their yin and yang position.  The NST went ok.  As usual Baby A was cooperative, Baby B as you know likes to keep us on our toes.  
I had the Group B Strep test (oh joy!).  Since everything pregnancy-wise is looking good we spent most of our time focusing on this darn head cold I've had the last two weeks.  I so hope I can kick this before D-day! As if it wasn't difficult enough to sleep at night I'm also faced with swollen sinuses and not being able to breath!  I've never been an allergy sufferer but he suggested trying Allegra for a few days ... I hope it helps.
So our next appointment is on Friday with MFM.  It's so weird to be coming up on these appointments that we set a month ago while saying, "If we make it that far ...."

35w4d & 35w5d (Wed/Thurs) - Nothing going on here.  

35w6d (Friday)  - Today we had our final appointment with MFM and all looks great.  Baby A is the "lil guy" and measuring in the 25th percentile, which is smaller but he's still a great weight for being a twin (5lbs+) and he's growing according to his own lil curve which is perfectly normal.   Baby B is measuring a bit ahead and in the 60th percentile.  He's still being super stubborn and despite all the moving and shaking he does hasn't flipped head down and remains breech.  Tomorrow marks 36 weeks and that means two weeks or less according to the OB's 38 week protocol with multiples.

Everyday they stay put they have a better chance at being 100% healthy and mature.  I know K&S are anxious but even though twins generally do well after 35 weeks we really want to avoid NICU time if possible.  If all stays as is I think I could do this for another two weeks but we are going to discuss our options for an induction/schedule section with the OB when we see her next on Tuesday.  Although I love the "surprise" of labor I've become more open to the idea of putting something on the calender.  Waiting on nature makes me a lil nervous since Baby A is the smaller of the two, his head is already super low and  this is my 6th delivery.  Knowing all this lead me to believe I might progress quickly if I were to go into active labor on my own  and K&S are two hours away!  

Just a heads up, I'm locking out the BABY POOL at midnight tomorrow (Saturday).  Get in your final guesses or update them if you'd like ... final chance! 
(Game Name: twinsforkands)


Tiffany said...

Are they going to let Baby B have the opportunity to flip after his brother exits (if not sooner), or are they just going to schedule a c-section regardless?

Tiffany said...

This particular OB practice is pretty conservative. Both babies have to present vertex for a vaginal delivery, as things stand right now - it'll be a c-section.

Carly said...

Hi Tiffany!
This post was really fun to read, I'd been wondering how your doing! I always look forward to your blog as your journey is 5 or 6 weeks ahead of ours!
Take care!