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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 36 - Any Day Now

36w0d (Saturday) - We made it!  This was my personal goal and now I'm hoping to go longer.  Yep that's right, I'm all for keeping these babies put for another week or even two if it's better for their well being.  (We'll see if I'm still singing that same tune come the end of the week) LOL  It was asked, will we be trying a vaginal delivery and the answer is, as things stand now, no it will be a c-section.  My OB belongs to a very conservative practice with a strict "head down" (vertex) policy and as of now Baby B remains breech.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about this over the last couple of weeks and although I'd prefer not to have a major surgery, I'm totally ok with the decision.  I've known since the moment we found out it was twins it was a good possibility.  I also knew early on my OBs policy and continued care with her vs. finding a different a doctor.  All along I'd hoped things would be favorable for a natural delivery but, it really isn't fair for me to "freak out" and decide all of a sudden I'm not ok with this as a choice.  Having two healthy babies is the outcome that is most important to everyone - including me.

Both of the lil guys have the hiccups right now - it's the weirdest feeling!

36w1d (Sunday) - Miserable (at the moment).  I'm going on week three of not feeling well and this is getting so old.  It started with nasal congestion and headache and I thought it was just good ole pregnancy sinusitis but, then I had some ear pain followed by drainage that gave me a sore throat.  I mentioned it to my OB who said if it was that bad to go to Convenient Care but, within 24 hours most of those symptoms had gone and I had a lil congestion and slight cough - figured it was running it's course and getting better.  Now it's just nasal congestion but that's enough to make me miserable.  The OB I saw this past week recommended Allegra but after five days no difference, I don't think it's allergies.  I resorted to Sudafed and have taken it a few times but only as a last resort.  It helps, but only for 4-6 hours and I don't like taking it that often.  A sinus infection?  I don't know but I'm so worried about feeling like this and going into labor or having a c-section.  Ah, enough whining from me.

36w2d (Monday) - I've had timeable contractions since 2pm.  Started out 15 minutes apart and moderate.  Then 8-10 min and now 8 hours in since the first contractions and they are 8 min or less apart and 1.5 min in duration causing pressure and discomfort but not real "pain".  I called my IPs and put them on standby.  I guess at this point I'm going to go in to be monitored ... not in the mood to have these babies tonight, I never got a nap today but, might not have a choice. LOL  I wanted to make it to 36wks and we are 36w2d so ...



one faux mommy said...

how exciting!!!

i'd be nervous to have a c/s as well. maybe try spinning babies website. they have great alternatives to try and get baby b to go head down! good luck!!!

Christina said...

Yay for making it to 36 weeks!

I had to have a c/s with my last baby and I was pretty sad and scared. However, it went wonderfully and I feel really lucky about that. I hope yours goes just as well. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Keeping you and babies in my thoughts!

Carly said...

So exiting! Many prayer coming your way!
xo Carly